Ways to configure lxc

Hi @stgraber ,

When we install lxc from sources, for example i used the below command with configure script
./configure --enable-seccomp --enable-capabilities.
Like wise if it is installed via debian packages, --enable-seccomp and --enable-capabilities are enabled by default? if not how to do it?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question.

Question is to understand the difference when lxc is installed via sources and with .deb packages.

while building lxc from sources and installing we can enable the lxc features with ./configure script.
For example if i need capabilities then i use ./configure --enable-capabilities

How is it when lxc is installed using .deb package… are all the features enabled by default?

That’s up to the individual distribution, so what’s enabled in Ubuntu or in Debian may differ. Distributions usually have build logs that you can check to find out.