Web page change

What’s changed - - - web page looks different?

Forum got updated to the latest version of Discourse, is that what you mean?

I’ve only noticed a few mostly minor changes to the UI though.

Just noticing that there is mountains of white space. Seems like someone thinks that screen real estate is free. Or maybe the whole thing is just designed to look pretty on a smart phone - - - that’s the norm for most UI specifications today.
Me - - - - I’m thinking the previous was more useful and useful for me trumps pretty every time!

how/where does one modify the UI?

We’re using the default theme from Discourse and I’m not seeing any obvious option to tweak things.
I can change colors and stuff but that’s about it.

Oh wonderful - - – another group of programmers who think they know everything about how to set up
a UI!
Its funny - - - you know - - - I remember very clearly one of the slogans when the IBM PC was first introduced - - - “Computing - your way”.
It would seem that computing is right back to where it was when everything was run on mainframes or mini computers.