WebApp LxdMosaic: Deployments & Storage


Im working on a server overview page:

Anybody got anything else they want to see ?

(also please ignore the hanging sidebar its just the way firefox’s “take screenshot” renders it)

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I have just released version 0.5.0 here is the change log


  • Container snapshot breaks loading deployments
  • Providing a port breaks adding host (#113)


  • UI tweaks including
    • sidebar width
    • Collapse server by default when there is > 10 containers (#114)
    • Reload hosts + container tree on alias change
    • Show cpu cores on the dashboard
  • Sort containers in alphabetical order (#115)


  • Let user choose shell when opening container console session (#116)
  • Right click context menu for containers (#118)
  • A server overview page (#121)
  • Bulk delete containers (ground works there for more actions) on server
  • Phone home tracking for containers in a deployment
  • A page to manage instance settings
  • Upgrading guide (#124)
  • Cluster support (#6) including:
    • Auto discover other hosts from cluster members
    • Cluster member roles
    • Cluster memory usage
    • Multiple clusters suport
  • Recored actions (#127)
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Just release 0.6.0, here is the changelog


  • Store environment variable with cloud-config rev
  • Backup & Restore Containers
  • Browse, upload & delete container files
  • Show if container is in deployment with link to deployment on container view
  • Allow setting server alias when adding
  • Support for VM’s
    • Lets you set your own username with the default password ubuntu
    • Installs LXD agent automatically (while required)


  • Show memory as graph instead of as table
  • Dont show nav text on devices < 1500px
  • Hide project group if host doesn’t support projects
  • Made some general improvements to the node script


  • Settings don’t clear properly between containers