What is easiest way to backup the containers

I want to move back from Fedora 34 to KDE neon user edition, but I have several containers that contain WordPress ( my personal blog ), Nextcloud ( my personal cloud ) and my business web site; all of containers hosted locally so when I move back to KDE neon it will removed and I want to backup the containers and restore them in KDE neon

You can do lxc export <instance> <file name>.tar.gz and then lxc import <filename>.tar.gz

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Just a quick question on the export and import setup I had:
Does it copy the profile as well? So for example if I have multiple ports and devices added on the first lxc container on Node A and then I moved it to Node B but one of the profile devices didn’t exist then would that stop it from getting launched?

The profile itself isn’t stored in the exported backup.yaml (just the profile names that the instance uses), so you should ensure these exist on the target machine.

If the profile exists on the target server, but its devices are different from the source server, then those differences will be applied to the instance (which may or may not be desired).

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Thanks @tomp got it