What's the proper way to expose services in LXD cluster?

Hi, I have a 5 nodes lxd cluster. After launching an instance, it would be randomly assigned to one node, and I have to ssh to that node, then use iptalbes dnat or lxc config add device proxy to expose the service.
The problem is, after another deployment, the instance of this service would be removed and created again, so the node this instance assigned would change. I have to ssh to previous node to remove the iptalbes rules and ssh to current node to add iptables rules or add lxc proxy device.
So is there a proper way to expose services in the cluster to avoid manual config after redepolyment?
Thanks in advance.

I’m assuming you’re using the fan network to have cross-host communication over the cluster.

However if you also would like your containers reachable from another network, you could try using an external bridge or macvlan device added to your containers.

Thanks a lot. This may be really helpful.