Where are my devices (after lxc publish then lxc init)?

I publish a container and init a copy of it :
lxc publish good --alias goodgood
lxc goodgood newnew

And lxc config show newnew does not show the devices that where in “good”.

What is the best way a way to save a image with its parameters ?


That’s normal, LXD images cannot contain configuration, this is a design decision which was made to prevent potential security attacks by people tricking others into running their images.

You either need to re-apply the configuration (easier with a profile) or if you’re just looking at a way to ship a container around along with its config, lxc export and lxc import may be a better fit?

Thank you. My mistake. “lxc export” and “lxc import” is what needed…

Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqué…?