Wrong /dev directort permissions


I’ve LXC 1 on Debian Jessie (Debian packages).

When I start an LXC container with lxc.autodev = 1, the permissions are wrong:

container # ls -ld /dev
drwxr----- 16 root root 6360 Okt  5 23:40 /dev

However, the data dir itself has the correct permissions (drwxr-xr-x). It seems that when lxc mounts tmpfs to /dev it gets wrong permissions (so no non-root user has access rights).

What could be wrong here; how could I debug this?

@brauner can you take a quick look into this? I really don’t remember how autodev behaves in LXC 1.0.x :slight_smile:

@divB what exact version of LXC 1 is this? Also, if there are some official backports of LXC 2.0.x that you could install, I’d very strongly recommend you do so. LXC 1.0.x is still supported (we’re preparing a new bugfix release right now), but the 2.0.x branch will in general work much better.

Can you show the output of

findmnt | grep tmpfs

or - if findmnt is not available -

cat /proc/1/mountinfo | grep tmpfs

or - if mountinfo is not available

cat /proc/1/mounts | grep tmpfs


I eventually found it. It’s a bug: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=770684