ZFS prometheus exporter with Juju

This is a partially duplicate post from the Juju community but with some relevance to LXD and ZFS.

Here is the full post with instructions.

I’ve released a prometheus-zfs-exporter for use with prometheus2.

It helps you keep track of file-system usage on for example LXD hosts which uses ZFS as storage. I deploy this alongside with prometheus-node-exporter

So, as an example:

Lets say you have a LXD host, lxdhost0, running with ZFS backend storage. This LXD host might be standalone and was not initially deployed with Juju. But, you want to get ZFS filesystem usage metrics out of it and have it converted into Juju so that you can monitor it with prometheus & grafana.


Although it looks like the link to it in the original post is broken.

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Thanx @tomp - I fixed the link!

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