Clustering 3 server with lxd

Hi , have a queston .
I want to use clustering, ı have 3 VM and ı runned 3 diffrent lxd by cluster. When ı run ‘lxc list’ ı can see and exec all lxc machines on my local and another machines. But when ı stoped any VM, their lxc machine state is error . ı want to run like blockchain. I want the lxc machine to continue running on the other VM even if the their VM is shut down. İf is it possible i how can ı run it ?

Specific instances only run on a single LXD server at a time, even with clustering.
So if you want to shutdown a cluster member you need to move them onto the other cluster members before this happens.

LXD can help automate this using evacuation, see:

but I’M getting error.
Error: unknown command "evacuate" for "lxc cluster" . lxc version 4.0.9

Yes you need LXD 5.0 LTS or newer for evacuate support.
LXD 4.0 LTS is only in security support mode now, so new installs should be using LXD 5.0 LTS or newer.

See Managing the LXD snap