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Weekly status #119

Weekly status for the week of the 7th October to the 13th of October. Introduction This past week the focus has been on moving parts of LXD into their own Go packages so that they can be accessible from both the exist…

2 October 14, 2019
FOSDEM 2020 containers devroom: Call for papers

Introduction This year’s edition of FOSDEM will once again feature a containers devroom. This is a great occasion for users and developers of Linux container technologies to meet and hear about the exciting work that’…

2 October 10, 2019
LXD 3.18 has been released

Introduction The LXD team is very excited to announce the release of LXD 3.18! This release includes a lot of the preliminary work needed in order to implement virtual machine support alongside containers in future LXD …

4 October 3, 2019
LXD Contribution

Hello all, We are 2 students at the University of Texas at Austin taking a class on Virtualization. We have been assigned a project, due at the end of the semester (mid-December), in which we need to make a contribution…

5 October 1, 2019
Comparing LXD vs. LXC

An extremely common confusion is the distinction between LXD ("LX Daemon" / pronounced "lex-dee") and LXC (Linux Containers). This post attempts to clear that up. Overview From the official site: LXD isn't a rewrite…

24 September 23, 2019
500 Containers on one server sound doable? 1 October 15, 2019
Error: Failed to run: /usr/lib/lxd/lxd forkstart example1 /var/lib/lxd/containers /var/log/lxd/example1/lxc.conf
5 October 15, 2019
LXD Container not accessible from LAN 8 October 15, 2019
LXD Clustering: issues with container failover with node failure
13 October 15, 2019
Shiftfs not keeping directories in sync?
2 October 15, 2019
Creating an OCaml binding to LXC, seeking advice on API design
4 October 15, 2019
Lxc list command stuck on btrfs pool after reboot
14 October 14, 2019
LXD copy --stateless performance, zfs backed, can it be improved/tweaked? 4 October 14, 2019
How to let application create tap network device inside the container (softether client)?
1 October 14, 2019
Can't start CTs after LXD 3.15 upgrade
34 October 14, 2019
Public IP and ipv4.routes
9 October 14, 2019
Lxc config device add proxy: connect=tcp: vs connect=tcp:
2 October 14, 2019
Network unreachable after adding new bridged interface
13 October 14, 2019
How do you "detach" from the console started from the API?
7 October 13, 2019
2 October 12, 2019
Containers on storage-pool won't start
3 October 12, 2019
Help me understand what's happening with my ZFS pool 6 October 11, 2019
Install lxc on centos8 server
1 October 11, 2019
Tried everything...Failed to chown console
6 October 11, 2019
Not able to start lxd
3 October 11, 2019
ZFS Pool - Another Node Hard Disk 1 October 11, 2019
Shared Host Directory Permission Issues
4 October 11, 2019
HowTo: Delete Container with CEPH RBD volume giving Device or resource busy 3 October 10, 2019
Flannel Pod network deployment failing across Kubernetes stack hosting different container runtimes
3 October 10, 2019
Network is not working in new containers
9 October 10, 2019