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Weekly status #115

Weekly status for the week of the 9th September to the 15th of September. Introduction This past week has primarily been focused on continuing the re-organisation of the LXD code base to support the concept of “instan…

2 September 16, 2019
LXD 3.17 has been released

Introduction The LXD team is very excited to announce the release of LXD 3.17! The main new feature for this release is the ability to use LXD storage pools to store container tarballs and images rather than the host’s …

5 September 9, 2019
Comparing LXD vs. LXC

An extremely common confusion is the distinction between LXD ("LX Daemon" / pronounced "lex-dee") and LXC (Linux Containers). This post attempts to clear that up. Overview From the official site: LXD isn't a rewrite…

22 June 7, 2019
Issue with reaching webservers within containers when using domain names
7 September 19, 2019
A little quiestion about LXC on different kernels 3 September 19, 2019
Networking Issue
10 March 19, 2018
Can Debian images be fixed to stop properly?
6 September 19, 2019
Feature Request: Emergency Start 2 September 19, 2019
Lxc hangs on list and everything
3 September 19, 2019
Cluster dead, all machines 'waiting for other cluster nodes to upgrade their versions' 8 September 19, 2019
Is it safe to create an LVM-backed storage pool that can be shared with other logical volumes?
5 September 19, 2019
How to limit DHCP range for LXD bridge
5 September 18, 2019
LXD 3.16 has been released 13 September 18, 2019
GUI Apps in LXD container
29 September 18, 2019
There is no useable cpuset controller - Failed to setup limits for the "cpuset" controller. The controller seems to be unused by "cgfsng" cgroup driver or not enabled on the cgroup hierarchy
5 September 18, 2019
How to add a disk raw partition to a LXD container?
5 September 18, 2019
Why different ubuntu container images provide different group id for LXD inside containers?
6 September 18, 2019
Automatic local image expiration (how to set expires_at) 4 September 18, 2019
Device add NAT issue, fails to allow connection, but worse it breaks the IP stack hours later
3 September 18, 2019
Snap LXD 3.17 Update Warning 3 September 18, 2019
Issue migrating backed up snap lxd server installation to new computer
4 September 18, 2019
Lxc usb problems
6 September 17, 2019
Error when trying to copy a container to a remote
4 September 17, 2019
Multiple newbie questions
3 September 17, 2019
Ubuntu 19.04 proxy dev fail, "read-only filesystem"
8 September 17, 2019
Database error: &errors.errorString{s:"No such object"} even the container is existing 8 September 17, 2019
Error after upgrade systemd in guest. Failed to set devices.allow on /system.slice/systemd-logind.service: Operation not permitted
2 September 17, 2019
Snap auto refresh to lxd 3.17 breaks production cluster, cannot create new containers 1 September 16, 2019
Snap refresh to 3.17 failed: "apply->status == RAFT_LEADERSHIPLOST" 10 September 16, 2019
(Snap) LXD Resize default BTRFS storage pool
6 September 13, 2019