Possible issue between incus OVN and Ubuntu 24.04 LTS?

I followed the incus instructions page to setup the OVN, but when I try to create the OVN network with the command: incus network create ovntest --type=ovn network=<parent_network> , with the appropriate parent interface, I receive this message: Error: Failed loading network: OVN isn’t currently available

This is a physical server, but I tried also with a Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS virtual machine in other server and I was able to create a OVN network.

PS: I followed also the incus webpage for installation in Ubuntu 24 and 22.
Thank you.

If OVN was installed after Incus, it may be worth trying systemctl restart incus to see if that sorts it out?

Hello, I rebooted the server several times, but still had the same error (should this be the same as restarting the incus service I think). On ubuntu 22 I don’t have to restart the incus service. Would you like to share some output of any logs?

I’m not sure about this issue, if is because I have 4 physical network interfaces. I installed Ubuntu 22 in my physical server, and I received the same message when I was trying to create a new OVN network. But after doing the command: systemctl restart incus I was able to create the network.
However, once I rebooted my server (I don’t have a display connected to it), my server took so long to boot that I just powered off and connected a display to understand why iss tooking too long to boot.
With all network cables disconnected the server boot succesfully and I configured in netplan all the interfaces with dhcp: false and one interface with static IP.
With this I was able to boot quicker and incus works fine.

And when on the broken system, ovn-nbctl show works properly?

If not configured otherwise (through incus config set), Incus will connect to OVN through the local socket at /var/run/ovn/ovnnb_db.sock

I’m not sure, I apologize but already “formatted” my machine with Ubuntu 22 and I can’t test it anymore.