Creating a container from ISO

I would like to prepare a LXD container from a “standard” distribution (specifically openmediavault, if it matters) available as “bootable ISO”.
I know it should be possible and not require a full VM as it is Debian-based (my LXD host is on Debian Sid).

Currently my only option seems to be to create a VM (either under LXD itself or using VirtualBox) and then migrate using either lxd-p2c or lxd-migrate.
Is there a better strategy?

I will experiment, but I would like some comment from more knowledgeable users.

Many Thank in Advance

Sorry Tom,
I was unclear.
It’s clear to me how to boot a VM from .iso.
What I was asking is if I can do the same with a “normal” container.
I actually “solved” my problem using the two-steps outlined above:

  1. install in a VM
  2. convert VM to container using bin.linux.lxd-migrate
  3. delete VM

I am still curious though: can I use the “bootable ISO” just for RootFS setup, directly into a container?
If so: how?


No you can’t do that as containers don’t have their own kernel.