Error: Failed parsing stream: Get "": remote error: tls: handshake failure

Hi, I have been getting this error while trying to run the command "lxc image list ubuntu: " Same happens when I use the “Images” remote repository. Can someone help me to get this issue resolved. I’m using a http and https proxy on my server.

I’m sorry but given the recent actions from Canonical regarding LXD:

We really can’t be providing support to LXD users on this forum anymore.

You may want to consider switching to Incus instead, or if you’d like to stay on LXD, you should reach out on the Canonical forum instead.

Sorry about that!

Hi, I visited the canonical forum for lxd but couldn’t find the option to add a new issue. If you don’t mind could you help me here a bit? Thanks in advance.

Support - Ubuntu Community Hub is supposed to allow most people to create new topics.

Your issue sounds like a corporate TLS intercepting proxy getting in the way or something with a similar affect anyway.