Error: Get “http://unix.socket/1.0”: EOF

I have got this error bfore 2 days then I was run snap refresh lxd --stable. Then everything is fine. But now today again show this error and have also run this command but it shows “snap “lxd” has no updates available” now what can I do?

Please don’t create duplicate threads, we are already discussing the issue here:

Its likely the same issue, that LXD isn’t starting. Please can you post the same log results on the original thread. Thanks

Oh I dont’t know they are same. BTW is there any way to export containers and import a new LXD server? I have run my daily backup script it doesn’t work this moment. Thnx

Lets keep them together for the time being, as you did already post about the other server in the original thread anyway. Thanks

I have total four servers. Is there any issue with lvm?