External storage on config


I am looking to have an external folder to the main container space given to it as a disk, but in a way that on move operation could be ignored, do you have any idea how?

Reason for is that I have an container for an application that generates huge amount of files/data that are not effectively needed to be backed up, so I am looking a way to snap it, but then while move the snap away have related volume/path ignored. In the end I would backup 16GB of container instead of 2TBs…

I did some time ago checked about it and failed, since I will in meantime to pick the subject I come here first :wink: asking about.

I would like to avoid NFS or CIFS approaches.

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Playing crazy… doubt to be smart… :grin: but sharing while query for solution…

would be feasible configuring a device type unix-hotplug pointing into a loop device in the host which points into a file with certain size containing a file system that would be mounted inside the container, what do you think about?

I never used this unix-hotplug just the loop trick for qemu/libvirt/virt-manager environment, so completely bling about restrictions on LXD environment against objectives of lxc move ignoring a certain mount/volume…

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found for loop approach tomp answer on this post

Even so don’t know if other solutions may exist, pls, if you know something else… share here. :slight_smile:

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Have you considered custom volumes?