Failed adding NIC netdev: Monitor is disconnected

Because we’ve just released LXD 5.13, the latest/stable and latest/edge channels should have the same DB schemas and API extensions so you should be able to switch back. Try it, if LXD won’t start then you’ll need to switch to edge again.

Unfortunately that did not work, I will have to wait for next update of latest/edge channel. Let’s hope it will be in snapcraft soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah I think we must’ve merged an api extension recently for the cluster heal feature.

I even tried snap revert but that must have been merged earlier in time I guess

Just in case if the edge channel does not get update this week, would you rather recommend creating a parallel lxd snap install?
Or just export all machines I have and do some kind of fresh install?

Which is in general a safer solution?
Could I e.g create a parallel ceph pool in my existing microceph?

Sorry for these questions I know that I should not have put so much trust in edge channel but right now I would like to minimise the aftermath as much as possible

Thank you

It will get updated this week. We had a dqlite regression that was holding us from doing that update but now we’re just waiting for tests to all clear before it gets auto-updated.

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The edge snap should be functional for VMs again now.

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Thank you guys :slightly_smiling_face: everything works fine now.
I promise to always use the --hold from now on

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