Important notice for LXD users (image server)

Hey there,

Yeah, while I only provide support for those packages on Ubuntu LTS (due to the short support lifespan of non-LTS), there’s a very good chance that those packages will just work with more recent versions.

In general, you should always make sure to use the packages for the closest LTS prior to your release. So if you’re on 23.10, then you want to use the 22.04 packages, even once 24.04 packages become available.

I’ll add a note to that effect to the package repository instructions.

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Hi Thre, I migrated from LXD to Incus today, including the UI, etc. I was still seeing the dreaded images that were not available message. After I deleted the /var/cache/incus/ and restarted incus, it seemed to start working. Just putting this here incase anyone else migrating over from lxd faces the same issue.

Thanks for all the work linuxcontainers do.


I can confirm that they work fine on Ubuntu 23.10. I downloaded the debs from

A bit of a side track, but what’s the plan re. GitHub - zabbly/incus: Incus package repository moving forward? Will the stable repository there switch over to the LTS releases once they are available, or do you anticipate some new lts repository for that or something?

The plan is to add a new 6.0 repository. So daily gets the daily builds, stable gets the monthly releases, 6.0 gets 6.0 LTS, then eventually we’ll have 7.0, …

I think that makes sense as we don’t want to make LTS users jump automatically from 6.0 to 7.0 as unlike the monthly releases, the LTS releases overlap in support duration.


Sounds like a nice plan! :tada: Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, appreciated.

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Anyone of you guys tried setting up a Jenkins and got the scripts to work?

I only tried this on Debian.

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I had to get a plugin to read .yaml files however it seems like its still not working.
image-debian #6 Console [Jenkins] any ideas?

Good to know. I will wait for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS and migrate to Incus after the reinstallation.

Just a quick notice that we’ve so far been completely unable to reach out anyone working at QNAP despite e-mailing all of their listed e-mail addresses…

As they rely on the community image server for their QNAP Container Station product, it would be great to work on a transition timeline of some kind so those users don’t find themselves staring at an empty image server by the end of April.

If anyone has contacts within the QNAP engineering teams, it’d be great to have them reach out to us. Short of any contacts, we will be sticking to the advertised timeline.

well, i want to take some time to thank you for ur efforts,
2nd i’ve some questions:

  1. the LXD project will be gone in 2025? → if so, means that all local containers will be useless,
    fyi, m running snap package and ive no errors on my containers so far, but ofc i cannot create any new non-ubuntu instances
  2. is incus as easy to use as lxd? I’m thinking about migrating, so I want to know if they are similar i save some time ^^

I can’t predict what the state of LXD will be in 2025, but there’s currently no indication that Canonical will stop developing the project. They’ve said that they’re also building an image server for non-Ubuntu images, but there’s currently no timeline on that or indication of what will be included.

Incus started as a fork of LXD and is still extremely similar to it. You basically just need to get into the habit of typing incus instead of lxc in your terminal and most of the rest will be the same.

You can go to Linux Containers - Incus - Try it online to try it out for yourself and see just how familiar it feels.

Yeah, I actually did this, and got an open-sourced image server up and running. I built a new image server. You can see it here:

I have a post with more details and demo of all of it working here: Open source image server for Incus / LXD


Given that lxd is a core component of their “MicroCloud” offering that they’re promoting heavily at the moment, I expect they’ll be hanging onto it.