Kodi in LXC containers




There was no response from the Snapcraft forum ;-(.

I suggest the next step would be to compile Kodi in a LXD container according to the instructions at
I converted the Dockerfile to a shell script and it just finished compiling :grinning:

  1. Create a new LXC container with Ubuntu 16.04

    lxc launch ubuntu:16.04 kodi-headless
  2. Get a shell to that container,

    lxc exec kodi-headless -- sudo --user ubuntu --login
  3. Grab a copy of the compilation shell script at https://gist.github.com/simos/ab8e0e3ac5889a3090b9be953c81150b

     wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/simos/ab8e0e3ac5889a3090b9be953c81150b/raw/97d2a843878734c48a02caa404f3ee0d1602d82a/kodi-headless-ubuntu1604.sh
  4. Run the script. It will take some time to compile Kodi with the --headless option. :coffee:

     bash kodi-headless-ubuntu1604.sh
  5. When the script finishes, you will have a kodi executable in your path. I do not know match about Kodi, though you can run with kodi --headless and it appears to work (i.e. does not complain about the option).

The two issues that are remaining are:

  1. You need to do the port forwarding according to the instructions shown earlier.
  2. You might need to attach a device with media to the kodi-headless container.

Good luck!