Linux Academy - LXC/LXD Deep Dive


Looks good.

Can someone try this and give a testimontial?


I signed up for the 7 day free trial (its something like $240/yr otherwise).

I have gone thru the 1st 3 sections and so far I like it.

Its obvious the presenter had/has used LXD quite a bit from his topic discussions.

Actually, I already learned a couple things…

Canonical & Oracle sponsor LXD/LXC

lxc file edit cn-name/path-to-file. from the host uses you host default editor (me its nano) to…

Copy the target file in the container to the host in your editor.
When you save LXD moves the copy back to the container & replaces the orig file…

I don’t want those 2 points to go out of context… so far the course & quizes are doing a great job. I was just pointing out that I imagine anyone might get valuable tidbits out of this.

I’m really looking forward to the more advanced topics & quizes.

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NOTE - The following is a “shortened” list of the LinuxAcademy LXD/LXC course syllabus and I have included a few notes from my experience taking the course. Sorry for the delay but I had a wedding to go to this past week.

Here is the Linux Academy LXD Course

There is also a short Youtube discussion about the Linux Academy LXD course as well.

Partial Syllabus listing w/some notes

LXC/LXD Installation & Configuration - covered all the basics

LXC/LXD Images - covered both local & remote LXD image server setup & use, building your own container tarball, import/export of images

LXC/LXD Persistent Storage - covered things like setting up ZFS with LXD & mounting external block device in a container, snapshots etc

LXC/LXD Networking - covered & demonstrated all the basics & related commands.

LXC/LXD Networking with Multi-Hosts sharing a discreet Layer-2 Network and GRE tunnels

Container Use Cases with LXC/LXD:

  • Development of a LXD Web Cluster
  • Microservices - using multiple LXD containers with nginx & php scripts
  • Database Replication Testing - using multiple LXD containers creating the Galera database cluster
  • Automatic Container Backup Testing

Each section (including others not listed above), contained a at least 1 “challenge lab” and a Quiz.

I found all of them pretty well done and covered a lot of ground on LXD and its use.

The LXD networking sections were pretty thorough and the section covering mult-host w/GRE tunnels was well done.

I really liked the use-case discussion & sections on web cluster, microservices, database replication and Automatic backups. He gave a good background & presentation/demo of each which I am sure many LXD users would find interesting.

All in all this was well done and if nothing else its worth taking advantage of the Linux Academy’s 7 day free trial to go through some of this course. I decided to sign up for 1 yr as I found there were other courses that I figured I could use in other areas as well ?


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Sounds great, thanks for the feedback!

Cool. That sounds good!