Lxc copy to remote of different (higher) version

Sorry I should have thought of that earlier.

Can you provide the contents of the backup.yaml file in the exported tarball file, it may be easier to just manually modify that file.

Apologies, I’m not following. My problem is the root partition runs out of disk space on export. The container in question is only 7.5G and there’s 15G free space, however it still runs out.

It seems storage.backups_volume isn’t an option in 3.6 - is it safe to update to v4.x whilst containers are running?

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I personally wouldn’t, especially as we know its going to alter the instance’s config.

(Apologies this is dragging on!)

I get Error: Create backup: Backup storage: exit status 1 from the export command, I’m fairly sure there’s enough spare disk space…

Should I shutdown all containers and upgrade to 4.x?

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Yes I think thats the best approach, either that or get some more disk space :wink: