Lxc export error backup file not found

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lxc export yourcontainer yourcontainer.tar.gz --optimized-storage=false

Also fails :sob::sob:

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Other container gives me the following error

DBUG[06-13|17:54:47] Sending request to LXD method=DELETE url=http://unix.socket/1.0/containers/opsi/backups/backup0 etag= Error: Fetch container backup file: not found

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If i create a second lxd host amd copy the container there should it make any differenece?


The software used is quite different, so if you get a similar problem; it could mean that the problem is specific to your system (hardware problem, misconfiguration, …?). OTOH if it works, it would suggest more that the problem point at some default in the LXD export feature.

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Hmmm i notised something. The working containers give me on a debug a full configuration that i can see. The not working containers are not showing these details. Can i repair this? Maybe it will work again after the repair?


I’m afraid it’s not so clear for me. Do you really mean (taking what you say litteraly) lxc config show mycontainer --debug ? and what could be these ‘details’ that are missing ?

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No if i do lxc export container container.tar.gz —debug

The working once showing lots of info of the xontainer like network and stuff. The containers that fail the export is not showing this info. Only minimal


lot of information ? I looked at an export debug output and I do not see any container information. At the beginning it outputs the system configuration but that’s all. Using ps I see that (for my system config) it is doing first a rsync, then a tar, then a gzip. I think that the rsync is the initial build of the backup image from a snapshot of the container (not sure, it’s just an idea), then the image is tarred and gzipped.
I have no idea on what is happening for your config (as I said it may differ for another storage, never looked at how lxc export is working with a zfs storage)

I have no better idea than looking at ps while the backup is running to try to find at what stage it is failing, the lxd reporting is not enlightening at all, lxc operation show just that the job is running, never any information on what could happen behind the curtain. Basically lxc client asks the server ‘do the backup’, the server does a lot of complex stuff and reports at the end either ‘backup successful’ or ‘failed’.

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What would be the ps command to monitor this?


try to hit
ps -g $(pgrep daemon.start) -o pid,pgid,args

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The export runs.

Then is see it is tarring.

Tar -cf …

After this it stops?


FTR I tried to switch from gzip (the default) to xz:

lxc config set backups.compression_algorithm xz

and I got the exact same result as you.

You did not change the default compression by any chance ?

BTW if you have lot of free space on the dest device you could try to set compression to none. If compression is failing for you maybe it could ‘solve’ the problem (in a way…)

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Hi no i did not change it.

How can i check what it is using now for compression?


lxc config get backups.compression_algorithm
if it returns nothing, it’s the default: gzip


I see in the 3.14 changelog that some problems have been fixed about backup, do you have the latest and greatest and does it work better ?

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Yes i have the latest version.

installed: 3.14 (10923)

I made sure its using gzip and trying again. I keep you informed!