Lxc list does show or list remote instances

I have containers running on one host. I have added this host to another workstation as a remote. When I try and list the containers on that remote, it shows up blank. I am using lxc monitor --pretty and can see that my workstation is making some type of connection to the remote host, but I don’t see any errors or anything that would indicate why the containers aren’t listed?

I’m sorry but given the recent actions from Canonical regarding LXD:

We really can’t be providing support to LXD users on this forum anymore.

You may want to consider switching to Incus instead, or if you’d like to stay on LXD, you should reach out on the Canonical forum instead.

Sorry about that!

Understood. I’ve just been googling and reading docs and can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Thanks anyway.