LXD 3.0.0 has been released


(Tom) #23

OVZ to LXD? Hmm…

Is it possible to build a ‘safe’ cluster with public dedicated servers, for example OVH? (without LAN) That would be cool and a nice replacement for OVZ Webpanel.

(Jair Bolivar) #24

Hello @stgraber

Once again, thank you very much for the great work. I went through the process of converting a VirtualBox Linux VM into an lxd container:

1. I got the software “go”, “git” and “gcc” installed on the system I will be converting:

jair@budgie3:~/go/bin$ ./lxd-p2c
Physical to container migration tool

This tool lets you turn any Linux filesystem (including your current one)
into a LXD container on a remote LXD host.

It will setup a clean mount tree made of the root filesystem and any
additional mount you list, then transfer this through LXD’s migration
API to create a new container from it.

The same set of options as lxc launch are also supported.

lxd-p2c […] [flags]

-c, --config Configuration key and value to set on the container
-h, --help Print help
-n, --network Network to use for the container
–no-profiles Create the container with no profiles applied
-p, --profile Profile to apply to the container
-s, --storage Storage pool to use for the container
-t, --type Instance type to use for the container
–version Print version number

2. I ran the command to convert/transfer the image:

jair@budgie3:~/go/bin$ sudo ./lxd-p2c -p bridgeprofile budgie3 /
[sudo] password for jair:
Generating a temporary client certificate. This may take a minute…
Certificate fingerprint: 92276fa33568d0cd6624977ba03ce621a48211565feae9c15389655d7f54d58b
ok (y/n)? y
Admin password for
Transferring container: budgie3: 50.50MB (7.16MB/s)

After the image got converted and transferred to the lxd server I tried to connect to TeamViewer and also nxserver (nomachine) but either failed, I cannot get the same window manager login GUI that welcomes me when I connect to the VirtualBox original VM. What I get instead is a message about the session is not started, asking if nxserver can create a display session for me blah blah blah.

Any advice on how to preserve the functionality of this two applications (TeamViewer and nxserver) on the containers after being converted will be appreciated.

Thank you for all you do!

(Jair Bolivar) #25

Then when accepting:

I will really appreciate any tip or suggestions to get this issue fixed.

Thank you,

(Jair Bolivar) #26


I believe this will be related to that other question about the container conversion lxc-p2c, therefore, we can mark this one as solved. I will continue my investigation with TeamViewer and nomachine for the containers (headless gui) set up.

Thank you for all the hard work.