LXD 5.11 has been released

There’s some more info in the spec:

And https://linuxcontainers.org/lxd/docs/master/reference/storage_zfs/#storage-volume-configuration

At the moment its only enabled at the pool level for new instances, or on a per-custom volume basis.

We will be adding the ability to control it on a per instance basis soon so keep an eye out for that in future releases.

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You can do that to a single instance, creating a zvol storage in a existing dataset like I described in a message above:

lxc storage create zvol zfs source=rpool/zvol volume.zfs.block_mode=yes size="20GB" volume.block.filesystem="xfs" volume.block.mount_options="usrquota"

lxc launch images:debian/11/amd64 debian11zvol -s zvol
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