LXD host locks up and becomes unresponsive requiring restart

Hello all i am having an issue where my LXD host locks up after a couple of hours requiring a restart, i recently had an issue where my default pool became unmounted some how and eventhough that is now resolved i have this issue.

In an attempt to resolve the issue i did try to reinstall LXD and stopped midway when i couldnt make the default pool as the name was already taken. I have runn all sorts of commands such as,

sudo apt --fix-broken install

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

less /var/log/syslog

In cheking the logs there is nothing i can see as a complete beginner that stands out to me except i see the same error that shows on the host display screen which is
“overlays: upper fs missing required features.”

Im open to any and all suggestions please keep in mind im a beginner and not only new to LXD but new to linux in general please be very specific.

I’m sorry but given the recent actions from Canonical regarding LXD:

We really can’t be providing support to LXD users on this forum anymore.

You may want to consider switching to Incus instead, or if you’d like to stay on LXD, you should reach out on the Canonical forum instead.

Sorry about that!

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