Need to delete images from full disk (and zpool missing)

There are other threads with “Required tool ‘zpool’ is missing” and I can see that I should upgrade, but my disk filled up so I really want to delete some backup images and unused containers, before attempting any system upgrades.

So is there a way around

lxc delete myContainer
Error: Failed getting instance storage pool name: Required tool 'zpool' is missing

using explicit command lines for zpool etc?

This is related to this thread:

You should switch back to LXD 5.11 temporarily using snap refresh lxd --channel=5.11/stable to allow continued operation until you have upgraded.

Yes, the post was similar, but my main problem is the disk which has filled up with images. The command
sudo snap refresh lxd --channel=5.11/stable
seems to be hung in a loop
2023-03-23T12:01:27Z INFO Waiting for "snap.lxd.daemon.service" to stop.

Try snap stop lxd before refresh or you’ll need to kill the lxd process manually.

Thank you, this eventually worked!!

It just took a crazy long time to stop&restart.

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Yes if zfs pool is full it slows down to a crawl.