No matching virtual function for SRIOV enabled Intel i350 network card

Oh nice, well that keeps things simpler for me :slight_smile:
Although its not very consistent (perhaps we can expect it to break in the future too).

At least the man page gives no indication of the syntax changing (i.e., no synonyms):

 ip link set { DEVICE |  group GROUP }
               [ vf NUM [ mac LLADDR ]
                        [ VFVLAN-LIST ]
                        [ rate TXRATE ]
                        [ max_tx_rate TXRATE ]
                        [ min_tx_rate TXRATE ]
                        [ spoofchk { on | off } ]
                        [ query_rss { on | off } ]
                        [ state { auto | enable | disable } ]
                        [ trust { on | off } ]
                        [ node_guid eui64 ]
                        [ port_guid eui64 ] ]

The PR has been merged now and should be in the edge snap channel.

Are you able to test if it works? I would recommend not upgrading any of your production systems and instead using a system that can have LXD reinstalled from fresh if needed as sometimes rolling back LXD is not possible if there has been a schema change.

I believe we’ve cherry-picked that one so should be in candidate now too, will be in stable later today.

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I’m not using snap (not available in voidlinux), so I can’t flip over to edge or candidate. The void lxd package is kept very up-to-date, so as soon as it lands I will verify all is well.

v4.0.1 landed in void linux today. I can now execute this command without error. Thanks!

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