Problem starting VMs on native debian bullseye

I have a problem running VMs using LXD on debian bullseye. I’ve installed LXD by building it from source (so not using snap), but for some reason that I don’t understand I cannot start virtual machines. Containers work fine. However using snap, both containers and virtual machines work without a problem. The error message I get when trying to start a VM on debian bullseye using native LXD is:

qemu-system-aarch64: device requires 67108864 bytes, block backend provides 131072 bytes

Other details that might be helpful:

  • Running on raspberry pi 64bit (aarch64).
  • QEMU version 7.2 is used.
  • LXD version 5.11 is used.
  • The error happens on newly downloaded VM images, so there’s nothing special or weird about my VM setup.

Any help you can give to diagnose what the problem is would be greatly appreciated.

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