Remote connect to a VM performance / Dual monitor config?

Hello. I’d like to access a linux desktop VM (Archinux, Ubuntu) in my home server, and to configure it to use my desktop computer two monitors.

I’m using VNC for this in only one monitor, but I’ve been reading and it seems to me that using virt-viewer is possible and a better solution.

I’ve tried Nomachine too (much more performance than VNC), but the free version has no multimonitor support.

My questions is how to configure LXD/VMs to allow access for a remote virt-viewer, or if exists a better solution for this.

Take a look at:


You use the lxc client command to connect to a remote LXD server and then it tunnels the GUI over HTTPS.

The static clients can be downloaded from the release assets page:

Thank you for your quick answer!
I’ve managed to connect allowing X11 forwarding in sshd_config and then

ssh -Y -v admin@casa 'lxc console uvm --type=vga'

The performance over the internet is “weak” (some screen tearing…, you know). Nomachine, VNC are more efficient (I think because they are using compression and virt-viewer is using plain X11???)

Do you think that configuring LXD to accept remote connections and using directly lxc client would give a better result?

And, do you know how to accomplish the multi-monitor thing?

EDIT: Done as the docs say, and the performance is equally “weak”. Is there a way to get it better, some configuration (I’ve read SPICE allows compression and multimonitor)?