Some or the other error with lxd snap auto upgrades

Dear LXD Team,

It’s been my experience since LXD version 3 onwards that many upgrades break the running cluster.

At present I moved to snap version and it’s been more frequent with release 4.1-4.9 and in every upgrade faced one or the other issue may be linked to images, containers or some inconsistency in cluster database.

In my view wouldn’t it be nicer to have upgrade as optional and can be rolled back or by default do not auto upgrade the cluster but make it an explicit. Today suddenly had issues with ubuntu:20.04 images after cluster upgrade to 4.9. I will be able to diagnose and try to fix the error, but it seems counterintuitive to have to deal with this problem with every upgrade.

Manually I have an option to disable auto-upgrade of snap, but it will be nicer if auto-upgrade is disabled and only explicit upgrades are allowed except for security patches.

Also it will be nicer to have something which can roll-back the updates in case of errors. I am running LXD on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS so except it to be stable, but need to handle few issues with few of the upgrades.

You can, just use one of the versioned channels.

Snapd does attempt rollback on errors but unfortunately since the LXD database cannot rollback LXD changes, it’s of limited use.