Traefik routing

traefik routing is handy in docker environment, anybody using it for LXD? or lxd is more a light weight vm, traefik not so applicable? Thanks.

Of course some guys using it, why not ? (see i.e. and so on).

LXD itself has nothing to do with routed protocols. LXD is a container system. If we are talking about routing we have to focus on Layer3 (OSI … IP-Layer) respectively Application-Layer in terms of a proxy-server ( Dealing with this you can manage it by lot of things depends on your needs. You can use HAproxy, nginx, apache, squid and so forth too. Perhaps you want|need to combine these together ? No problem.

LXD itself has a build-in function you can config using proxy protocol as well (ie How to set a proxy device for a container with proxy_protocol enabled? ff). That said, if we talking about proxying we have to know what, how and where we need to. Cascaded ? Cloud ? Reverse ? Acceleration ? Load balancing ? What about SSL/TLS ? And when how ? Terminated by proxy itself or Passthrough ? @Simos gave lot of hints about this issues. BTW he has made very useful tutorials. Have look at and The LXD tutorials of Simos .

Hope it helps.

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this is a very informative reply, thanks, will explore those links.