Unable to start windows 11 vm

I followed video at Windows 11 VM on LXD - YouTube to install windows 11 using lxc/lxd but when I type lxc console win11 --type=vga. It gives an error “Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused. (remote-viewer: 264614): Gtk-WARNING **: 00:48:45:45.590: cannot open display”.

I am running this command directly on headless ubuntu with command line (no GUI). I noticed there is no ip address when vm is running so I am wondering if that is an issue. I am also not doing ssh.

Hi @zachary, @toby63 wrote a guidance about vm initialization. Could you check the link below?


The error suggests you may be running lxc console as root rather than as the user running the desktop environment on your system.