A Kickstarter Project who wants to build a small cluster

I just want to share this project with LXD forum people who are interested in to build a small cluster.


That looks very cool and a great use of the compute modules.

Just hoping that the supply chain issues improve a bit as last I checked, it was pretty difficult to get your hands on a Raspberry Pi 4 though I believe the CM weren’t quite as badly hit.

It’s also interesting to see what they did with PCIe, basically each board has access to a bit of the I/O. That’s somewhat unusual for clustered setups where you usually expect each to be identical, but it’s understandable given the design of the compute modules and them likely not wanting to add a ton of jumpers or controllers on the main board so you can assign ports to whatever board you want.

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In the project, update 4 brings 4 nvm support to Turing and RK1 module looks promising.