A reasonable high msize should be chosen

  • os: ubuntu22.04
  • cpu arch: aarch64
  • lxc version: 5.5
  • lxd version: 5.5

  I create multiple kvm virtual machines simultaneously.However, the status of the virtual machines created later is error. restart these vm with error status will make it available.

this is the log info:

qemu-system-aarch64: warning: 9p: degraded performance: a reasonable high msize should be <= 8192).

  I guess qemu used 9p and qemu process was out of memory. the default value of msize is 8 KiB before Linux kernel 5.15 rc1.but after that, the default value is 128KiB, my os is Ubuntu22.04 and linux kernel version is 5.15, my msize default size is 128KiB.I have seen that the code of lxd in github has set msize to 1MB.
  But why do I still get the warning that msize<8192?

here is my msize default value in kernel:

Not sure, current LXD has code which sets msize=33544432