A Simulation Environment using Linux Containers ( LXDs) and NS-3 ( Network Simulator )

Hello to everyone. I will start to implement a client-server environment.

More specifically, The baseline setup will be :

  • a Linux Container for the Client
  • a Linux Container for the Server
  • a Linux Container for the NS-3 ( in order to simulate a wirelles network )

So the bigger picture will be that whatever the client will send, will go to NS-3 and after that to the server.

To achieve the desire functionality, it will need a series of connections between bridges and interfaces.

I will provide some articles which describe what i want to achieve.

I will be glad if someone wants to help or wants to be in touch in order to make something like this.
Also if someone has done something similar in the past, please post here :slight_smile: .

This guide explain refers to something like this :