About fan network


I have configured and used macvlan or ipvlan to access the contaiener or vm from the outside.

If I use a fan network as an overlay network in lxd cluster, how can I access the container from the external network?


In general, the IP address of the underaly network uses the same IP address space. Why is the IP address of the underlay network different for each host in lxd? (Is it because of the expansion of ip address, a unique feature of fan network?)

Is there a way to expose internal services to the outside like openshift?

Thank you

You could use the proxy LXD device type to expose ports on the LXD host that connect to the container’s IP on the fan bridge.

Thank you Tomp.

I thought of a test that exposed the service to the outside through a proxy device. ^^

For more info https://linuxcontainers.org/lxd/docs/master/instances#type-proxy

Thank you very much. Tomp.

Very useful information to me^^