About translation work on Weblate

Hi, (This is the same as my posting to lxc-devel ML)

We (Japanese translation project) have been translating messages of lxc command (in LXD) to Japanese. In the LXD project, the translation is done using weblate on web.

Weblate is useful for translating, but we sometimes wish that we can translate using downloaded text file and upload it.

Could you please configure weblate so that? or Can I send PR directly using a translated file of the ja.po file on github?

This is because that using Weblate can need a lot of time. For example:

  • When we need to replace the same word a lot (for example, replace “containers” to “instances” :slight_smile:
  • There are many sentences that do not require translation. Each time translation, we push the “next” button many times to skip it.


@tenforward so access control is a bit lacking on hosted weblate which is a tad annoying.
Anyway, I’ve added you as an admin which will now let you export the whole set of translations for a language in a variety of formats and also upload that back to weblate.

Feel free to help other languages if someone reaches out, just stay away from the settings and repository management bits as those can be pretty tricky :slight_smile:

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I would like to continue the Japanese translation and keep the Japanese translation up to date at the time of LXD 4.0 release!! :grinning:

I have just translated and uploaded the translation as “Add as suggestion”. I was wondering whether to use “Add as translation”, but I made it the same as before.

The review has been completed by nakamura-san as before.

Should I use “Add as suggestion” or “Add as translation” in the future?

In general, I’d say that if the translation was done by you and you’ll have someone review it on weblate and vote on the suggestions, then Add as suggestion is best.
We have the project to automatically include any suggestion that gets two votes (submitted + someone else).

If you’re uploading a translation contributed by someone else and you have yourself gone through it, then you can push as Add as translation so that it goes live immediately and doesn’t need you to go vote on the suggestions.

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Thanks! Now Japanese translated 100% !!! :grinning: