[Academic] Survey for final year project related to containerization

Hello all,I am a uni student who is currently working on my final year project, Infrastructure solution to manage virtual containers in Enterprise IT.

Please help me out by taking a minute of your time, to fill up my questionnaire.


Many thanks, and have a great day!

This questionnaire is a very bad fit for LXC/LXD users as LXC and LXD aren’t even listed as options, then most questions are around application containers and orchestration/management tools to manage that type of container.

Unless the forum is updated, I’d recommend skipping this unless you’re also an active Docker/Kubernetes user.

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You should understand that Docker is NOT LXC !

LXC and LXD are projects unto themselves.

Docker, Kubernetes, LXC, LXD, Rkt are ALL “Container” technologies but Docker, Kubernetes, Rkt are NOT LXC or LXD… !!!

Your project is off to a bad start if you don’t yet understand the differences.

Good luck.

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