Accidentally migrated from LXD to Incus as root, how to fix permissions to use as user?

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I’m running a Ubuntu host. I had LXD installed and decided to move to Incus, so I ran sudo lxd-to-incus (notice the sudo). Worked wonderfully!

However, now I can only access incus as root. I’m assuming that this is because I used sudo in the lxd-to-incus migration, and now I have a couple VMs so don’t really want to completely uninstall and install again. Was wondering if there was a way to switch the incus install to be usable as my user instead of only root?

If I check permissions on /var/lib/incus/ it’s definitely owned by root - I’m guessing that’s why I can’t run incus as non-root.

Make sure your user is a member of the incus-admin group, that’s the equivalent to the lxd group that you’ve been using so far.

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Wonderful, thank you! :smile:

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