Add additional storage pool to profile

I’d like to add an additional storage pool (beyond the root device) to a profile that gets mounted at a specific mount point within the container, that keeps each container’s data separate within the additional pool.

To get more specific, the container’s rootfs is in a ceph pool, which is fine for the base system, but there is some highly volitile data that I woud prefer to keep local to the host. So I added an additional dir pool that I’d like to present in an unshared, per-container mount point.

When I try to add the disk device referencing the additional pool, the device requires a source field, which seems to either point to a directory or block device on the host, or a shared volume. In either case the new mount seems to be a shared, not a per container space. Do I have to manually create volumes for each container or is there some other way to have the profile do this?

That defeats the purpose of a profile. If you add a volume or disk device to a profile, it will be shared across all instances.

Yes, you do need to create a volume or disk device for each container if you want to keep the data separate.