Add block device to lvm storage pool

I’d like to give a container more storage space and I need to add another block device(s) to do so. The storage pool was created by
lxc storage create lxdpool lvm source=/dev/sda4 lvm.vg_name=vglxdpool
and now I’d like to add /dev/sda5 to the volume group. I would have used pvcreate and vgextend and then resize the LV, but I read somewhere not to use lvextend but the tools LXD provides - but I did not find a solution.
After the storage pool is resized, I’d like to resize the root device size of an container. Can I just stop the container, change the device size (how?) and start it again? (The container uses 300G of the avail 500G pool)

LV VG Attr LSize Pool Origin Data% Meta% Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert
lvhome vgdata -wi-ao---- 1,00t
LXDThinPool vglxdpool twi-aotz-- <499,75g 42,52 24,78
containers_t vglxdpool Vwi-aotz-k <279,40g LXDThinPool 76,06

(sorry, I wasn’t able to format the tabs)

So, what is the right way to add a partition to the VG, extend it, resize thinpool and after that, resize the root device of the container?

Thank you!

I tried to add another partition to the volume group (pvcreate and pvextend) but I can’t use it even if i resize the container. The storage pool still show a total space of 499.75g - the size of the first partition in the volume group.
Did I screw up by setting the source of the storage pool to a partition (source=/dev/sda4) rather than to the existing volume group?

lxd has been taken in-house by Canonical and is no longer part of

Questions about lxd should now be posted at LXD - Ubuntu Community Hub

thank you. i will migrate to incus asap.

I’m quite sure this is the same for incus /LXD (?):
VG could not be resized, partition couldn’t be added (although shown as part of VG, but pool couldn’t use the space) because storage was created with source=<DEV>. Solution: New VG on different devices, pool created with source VG, container moved to new pool, old pool deleted, container size set higher.
Configuration fault, my bad.