Addig multiple interface to container(s)


I’ve 4 container and 4 interface in my server

  IPv4 address for ens4:
  IPv4 address for ens5:
  IPv4 address for ens6:
  IPv4 address for ens7:
  IPv4 address for lxdbr0:
  IPv6 address for lxdbr0: fd42:764a:a702:12::1

How I can assign IP to my following container


For example , IP to WEB1 (container) and then port forward 80 and 443.

Thank You

You can either use:

  1. lxc config device set $CONTAINER $NIC ipv4.address=$TARGET, (dhcp from the parent network)
  2. use netplan to specify it within the container (static ip requested by your guest os)