Adding a new user in Ubuntu using cloud init fails

I’m trying to set up some defaults for several of my Ubuntu machines running the Ubuntu 22.04 server. Here is my config:

ssh_pwauth: false

  - mygrp

  - name: myuser
    gecos: myuser
    groups: [mygrp, sudo]
    ssh_import_id: None
    lock_passwd: true
    shell: /bin/bash
    # Replace the <ssh-pub-key> with the actual SSH public key
      - <ssh-pub-key>
preserve_hostname: false
hostname: open-electrons-m1
manage_etc_hosts: true

# If this is set, 'root' will not be able to ssh in and they
# will get a message to login instead as the default $user
disable_root: true

After running the following commands on my Ubuntu 22.04 machine:

pi@openelectrons:/etc/cloud$ sudo cloud-init clean
pi@openelectrons:/etc/cloud$ sudo cloud-init init

What is wrong with this script that I have? I do not see any issues in the cloud-init.log. No error messages.

Running this command:

cat /etc/hostname

is not printing my-host-name

The user is also not created. What is happening with this script? I’m breaking my head around this!