Advanced Guide - Call for contributors

Recently I added an Advanced Guide for LXD to the website (see here).

I already added some topics about Instance configuration, Server configuration, Remote Servers, Cloud-init and Images, but I think it could cover some more topics.

As I am not an expert in all topics, I would like to encourage others to contribute :wink:.

Ideas for additional topics include:

  • Instance management - Part 2:
    • might describe functions like snapshots etc.
  • Clustering
  • Networks:
    • guide for what methods to use in different scenarios
  • Storages:
    • what methods are best for different scenarios
    • more detailed howto for different methods
  • Devices
  • GUI in container
    • ssh
    • Use host’s X-Server
    • Use Wayland
  • GUI in virtual machine
  • LXD-p2c
  • More Content for Tips & Tricks
  • Backup and Emergency guide

You find all details in Github Issue 413.