Amazon Linux 2023 does it work?

I was wondering if anyone had any experience running LXD containers on Amazon Linux 2023?

I’ve not got access to EC2 currently so I was hoping if somebody would be happy to knowledge share.

Apparently its based around Fedora not doesn’t support EPEL repos…

I couldn’t find snapd on the package list.

I assume that means having to download and install the static tarball?

Cheers in advance

You can check this out: (it’s kind of old though)

Then, after following the instructions, can you try:

sudo snap install lxd

And see if it works ?

Thanks but it doesn’t work on Amazon Linux 2023 which is Fedora based as it seems to be built for Amazon Linux 2 which is RHEL based.

However I’ll have a go at building snap myself on amazon line 2023 that seems like a more elegant solution than building LXD myself and missing the update/versioning functionality.