Ansible - lxc command not found in PATH


I’m trying to setup Ansible to manage some of my CTs, by following the video tutorial by stgraber

The installation is made inside a LXD container, on Debian 11.
I ran ansible-galaxy collection install community.general.lxd -f and installed lxc and python3-lxc inside the container.

When I’m trying to launch the playbook, Ansible tell me :

fatal: [xxx-webserver-3]: FAILED! => {"msg": "lxc command not found in PATH"}

The easiest solution would be to install LXD and Ansible inside a VM.
But I’m wondering if there is any solution to have the lxc command "standalone (i.e outside LXD snap) ?

The lxc client command is provided as a static binary asset called bin.linux.lxc as part of our releases:

Thank you, I’ll try it