Any possible method to add password prompt on lxc exec?

I am exploring a way to limit access to my lxc container that I run on a PC in a lab used by several other researchers.

Is there any possible way to restrict access to my containers? So that nobody can do lxc exec to go inside my containers and if they try, they are prompted with a password request.

Currently I am unable to make them secure or restrict access by any means.

LXD uses projects & Canonical RBAC -

To quote the documentation;

Roles can be assigned to individual projects, to all projects or to the entire LXD instance.

So what you might do is create two projects dev & prod. Then limit your researchers to the dev project!

self promo LXDMosaic (my software) can now limit users to projects as well but doesn’t require Canonical RBAC (but does require your users use my UI)