Any RHEL 7 or RHEL 6 container images available for LXC images?

There are a lot of images listed under:, but they do not contain any images for RHEL6 or RHEL7.

Is there any place where a RHEL6 or RHEL7 image is available for downloading?

Background: I am utilizing ubuntu18 as my host, and looking to test out the system on centos 6,7 and rhel 6,7 as well. Centos 6 and 7: I can test it out, but RHEL: I am stumped and need some help on locating images for it.

It is not legal for someone to build and distribute RHEL images publicly.

Sad news, but I am thankful for your response.
Follow up question: If we create an image ourselves, internally (and ONLY USE IT INTERNALLY): we can ignore the public distribution aspect.

Based on your vast experience: In terms of working with this container and its capabilities: Are there any gotchas that you or anyone is aware of?

Internal image building is fine and I’m not expecting any issue.
Using the same logic as with CentOS should work just fine, they are near identical after all.

Thanks for the update. My managers were asking me this question about internal usage:
As a company, if we build the image and consume it internally for testing our software internally… Is this legal / acceptable as a methodology?

As far as I understand, the issue is with naming the container image rhel (or RHEL, etc).
The legal issue is with the Redhat/RHEL trademark. The source code is GPLv2/3.
You can use the RHEL source packages to build your own runtime.
CentOS does just that, build their own distribution based on the RHEL sources.

Assuming you’re a RedHat customer and have legal access to their binary package repositories, assembling your own image and distributing it internally, to be used on machines that you are paying licenses for is I believe perfectly fine. It’s not really different than you shipping around a VM image.

Externally, we do get source code access which is what CentOS uses to build their own binary packages, but we don’t get to use the RHEL binaries needed to assemble and distribute images.

Thank you very much. We can close this thread.
For the search tags perspective, here are some Tag key words:
Red Hat 6
Red Hat 7

A follow up question aimed at SOLVING this puzzle:
I see a HOW TO create LXD images document at:
This seems to be the authority, and there is a sub-section for: “Manually building an image”.

This currently has information for how to create images primarily for ubuntu and debian. Is there a related step-by-step section for creating an image for RHEL?

Hoping there is some document. If not, I have to help craft it. Please let me know

Nowdays, container images in LXD are created with distrobuilder,

The configuration files for each distribution can be found at

The closest to RHEL is probably the centos.yaml configuration.

If you have a RHEL subscription, you can probably adapt the centos.yaml configuration to use the RHEL repositories (I really do not know whether they are public, etc). This would help you to verify that things are working, and is probably the least-effort solution.