Any success setting up Incus container for Jellyfin with Nvidia HW acceleration?

Hi everyone,

As the subject states, I am trying to setup an Incus container that will host my Jellyfin server, and I also want to enable Nvidia GPU hardware acceleration. At this point, I am able to watch videos within my home network.

But I also want to ensure that I am achieving hardware acceleration on Nvidia GPU. I’m not 100% certain whether I am achieving hardware acceleration when monitoring nvidia-smi output, as I don’t see any PID’s appear, but I do see indications in log files such as ...-codec:v:0 av1_nvenc -preset......

So I’m not fully clear on what’s happening at this point. Would be curious to know if anyone else has achieved success in this area, and would be gracious in helping me fully understand what additional steps I need to take. Thanks in advance!

Maybe try playing any 4K HEVC test video (google hevc test video) and monitor GPU utilization using Mission Center (gui) or nvtop (cli) on the host. This will tell you if hardware acceleration is working or not.

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Thank you, @qkiel. It’s working properly now. I had forgotten to install Nvidia toolkit. Once I did that, everything started working properly. Thanks again.