Anyway to tell how many resources, cpu, I/o a container is taking up

When I have a server with many multiple containers, some use more resource than other obviously. databases, I/o etc… Presently, I have to go into htop and check each container. Is there a way to tell how many resource it is using not just disk space. Many there is a way to tell in htop.

Anyway have you guys found a better way?

sudo lxc info [containersname]
will show you Network, memory,disk and CPU usage.

Yes, thank you, I was think more along a lxc list type command showing all containers at same time.

There’s systemd-cgtop which shows

  1. number of tasks
  2. %CPU
  3. Memory
  4. Input/s
  5. Output/s

Super cool Simos, Looks like it does what I need.